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Before the Corona break, Shali Shalit Shoval was appointed CEO of Domaine du Castel. She is their first external appointment, and brings with her a great deal of experience from Strauss. She has been VP Marketing of the Strauss Group, CEO of Strauss Fritolay PepsiCo and CEO of the Sabra Dipping Company in the United States. Up to now, Castel has been managed by the family who remain heavily involved in the management of the company.

She is not the first person from Strauss to enter the wine trade. Out of Carmel Winery’s four CEO’s in five year period, three of them were from Strauss. The last of them, Nadav Arens, has proved more successful than the other two, because he is still there.

Domaine de Castel is one of Israel’s finest and most respected wineries, gaining a maximum four stars in Hugh Johnson’s Pocket Wine Guide. It is arguably the most beautiful winery in Israel.

Lior Lacser, ex Carmel Winery, is the new winemaker of Jerusalem Wineries (aka Jerusalem Vineyard Winery). He started working with the winery as a consultant. During this period, the CEO Erez Winner left and then so did winemaker, Sam Soroka. Lacser has stepped in, just in time for the coming harvest, to take the place of winemaker. He was previously winemaker of Carmel, which in his time, was the largest winery in Israel. Jerusalem produces 3 million bottles, 50% wine and 50% grape juice.

Sam Soroka is the new winemaker of Psagot Winery. They have just moved into a very fine winery, one of the most impressive in Israel. Sam Soroka, ex Carmel, Mony, Kerem Montefiore and Jerusalem, is considered one of Israel’s best and most experienced winemakers. wishes everyone success in their new jobs.

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