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Zion Winery is Israel’s oldest winery. It was founded in 1848 in the Old City of the Jerusalem, by Yitzhak Galina- Shor. The winery was situated in the Muslim Quarter, adjacent to the Ha’Kotel Hakatan ‘the little Western Wall.’ In 1925 the Shor family winery moved from the Old City, to Western Jerusalem, and set up the new winery at Beit Israel. In 1944, the Shor Winery changed its name to Zion Winery. The family had grown bigger and then split into two separate businesses. The Shor-Zion Winery branch continued to make wine. The Shor-Shimshon branch decided to focus on spirits and liqueurs.

The next generation of the Shor-Shimshon branch, later founded new wineries, today known as Arza-Hayotzer and Hacormim-Shorr (sic) Estate.
The Shor-Zion Winery was the branch of the family that continuously made wine since 1848.

In 1982 the Zion Winery moved to Mishor Adumim, situated in the Judean Desert, east of Jerusalem. The winery grew and today makes 4 million bottles. It has grown to become the 6th largest winery in Israel. Today the winery has been operational for 172 years. During all this time the winery has been owned and managed by the Shor family. What is unique to Zion Winery, is that the winemaker is still a member of the family. Zvika Shor took over from his father in 1992, who was the winemaker before him.

There are three people who have brought Zion Winery to where it is today. The legendary CEO of the winery was Moshe Shor z”l, who recently passed away before his time. The winemaker is Zvika Shor and the marketing manager, Yossi Shor, Moshe’s son. They relaunched the winery in 2020 with a new logo and new packaging. The new labels are the entry level Palace, then Moscato, Imperial, Estate up to the premier label Capital, and the flagship wine, Crown.

The wines include:

 ZION MOSCATO 2019. This is a white Moscato made from the Muscat of Alexandria variety. It is low in alcohol, slightly sparkling with a light sweetness. The wine is fruity, grapey with a spritzy mouth full of flavor. Good with fresh fruit. An ‘any time’ wine.
NIS 21

ZION ESTATE CHARDONNAY 2019. A beautiful modern style Chardonnay. Fresh with good acidity and green apple & tropical aromas. It has a smooth mouth feel and a crisp finish. Great value.
NIS 40

ZION IMPERIAL CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2019. Light bodied, bright and fruity with mouth filling flavor and a fresh finish. A perfect drinking wine. Serve it slightly chilled.
NIS 30

 ZION ESTATE SHIRAZ 2019. This wine is fruit forward. It has a juicy, red cherry-berry aroma and satisfying full fruit, chewy flavor. It is refreshing and great value.
NIS 40

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