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A new course is being launched. It is an important subject: ‘Profitable Winery Management.’ It is a course designed for winery CEO’s, managers and owners and it looks at the wine business in all its aspects, from the vine to the customer’s glass. As there are numerous wineries that make good wine, yet are not profitable, it is a valuable course for many. This is particularly true in the year of a pandemic, as it is mainly the small wineries that have suffered.

The course has been developed by Ilanit Tzemach. She is an unsung hero of the wine industry. She has specialized in business development, communication and marketing for many years and her particular expertise is in both wine and tourism. She is mainly known for her work in the region between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. This is the band that runs from the Judean coastal plain in the west, via the Judean Foothills to the Judean Hills in the east. She is also particularly associated with representing and supporting small wineries.

Examples of her work include setting up wine routes and developing tourism, both in the Gezer region and the wider Shefela. She organized the Judean Region Wine Club for many years. This is the most concentrated region of wineries and vineyards. She represented and assisted boutique wineries in their discussions with the Ministry of Health and Israel Lands Administration. At the time the small boutique winery were unrepresented, lacked coordination and expert information.  She also implemented the project of creating the Jerusalem Wineries Visitors’ Center at the Montefiore Windmill in Jerusalem. She is a master at pinpointing the interests of individual wineries, coordinating with other neighboring wineries in the region and negotiating with local councils to take projects forward. She has a number of successes and achievements to her name.

The lecturers in the course are experienced in their fields. Dorit Ben Simon is an international wine specialist. She used to be export manager for both Carmel and the Golan Heights Winery and previously worked for Royal Wine Corporation in the USA. Elad Katz is a proven winery manager at the highest level. He used to be CEO of Domaine du Castel and is these days the new owner of Agur Winery. Liat Zeevi Tova is a marketer and marketing mentor with experience in product development. She has worked with companies like Strauss and General Mills. Assaf Paz is winemaker of Vitkin Winery, who has in the past worked as winemaker with Tishbi, Carmel and Binyamina Wineries. He is an expert on what goes on in the vineyard and winery. Finally Yitzhak Cohen is a wine grower, winery consultant, owner of Ramat Naftaly Winery, CEO of the Fruit Growers Association. He is sits on the Israel Grapes and Wine Council.

Between them they cover every aspect of winery management. Ilanit Tzemach is to be congratulated in making this course available and it is recommended. There are many wineries and winery personnel that will benefit from it.

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