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Carmel Winery has announced a new joint venture with Arza Winery to market and distribute their wines. This is a joining together of two of the most historic wineries in Israel.

Carmel Winery was founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond de Rothschild. It was the first commercial winery. For over 100 years it was by far the largest the largest wine company in Israel, owning the two largest wineries in Israel, Rishon Le Zion and Zichron Ya’acov Cellars. Today the Zichron Ya’acov Cellars, founded in 1892, is their main winery, and they also own a production center at Alon-Tabor and Yatir Winery. The CEO of Carmel is Nadav Arens and the Chief Winemaker is Yiftach Peretz. Their main brands are Carmel Signature, Private Collection and Selected.

Arza Winery is a family winery owned by the Shor family, which founded the oldest existing Israeli winery in the Old City of Jerusalem in 1848. It was originally called Shor Winery and as the family grew, it eventually split into three wineries: Zion, Arza and Hacormim , which are not only still in operation today and still owned by different branches of the family, but they are also all situated in the same street in Mishor Adumim. These wineries mainly dealt with inexpensive wines, Kiddush wine and grape juice. So in the last 10-15 years, each has expanded their interests to found new wineries and brands aiming for the quality table wine market. So Zion Winery founded a new winery called 1848 Winery. Then Arza founded Hayotzer Winery and finally Hacormim Winery created a new brand called Shorr (sic) Estate.

Arza Winery produce wine and grape juice. Their quality and mid-price wines are sold under the brand of Hayotzer Winery. The CEO is Motti Shor and the winemaker is Philippe Liechtenstein, for many years the winemaker of Carmel’s Zichron Ya’acov Cellars. Their main labels range from the entry level Genesis, Virtuoso, Legato, Lyrica, up to the prestige Auteur.

This joint venture follows others. Carmel will now market Arza and Hayotzer wines, situated near Jerusalem in the Judean Desert, along with Delta Winery from the Upper Galilee, and of course Carmel’s own Yatir Winery, from the northeastern Negev. To these wineries, they have also added the German beer Krombacher and the Israeli brewery Alexander.

Carmel SCV des Grandes Caves and Shor-Arza-Hayotzer are two companies that have been in operation in the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries in the Ottoman Empire, the British Mandate and finally the State of Israel.

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