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James Suckling is one of the leading wine critics in the world. He has his own website jamesuckling.com. Israeli wines were recently tasted by Stuart Pigott on behalf of the site, and they received some remarkable scores. The best of these were:

Castel Grand Vin 2018                       97 points
Raziel Winery Red 2018                     97 points
Tzora Vineyards Misty Hills 2018    96 points

 The highest scoring white wine was:
Shpera White Signature  2019          95 points

 Flam, Sea Horse, and Yatir also scored 95 points and the Golan Heights Winery, Tulip and Vitkin wines scored 94 points. These, collectively, are probably the highest scores ever for Israeli wines from a reputable critic.

For more details of Stuart Pigott’s essay on Israeli wine, the list of wines and their tasting notes, and the full scores, you are encouraged to register and subscribe to www.jamessuckling.com


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