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The wine industry has been affected by some terrible events in recent years. There seems to be no let up. There have been terrible fires on an annual basis in Australia and California, floods in Germany, but this summer there have also been fires in one of Israel’s finest wine regions. On the slopes that rise to Jerusalem is the Judean Hills. Fire broke out early June and the vineyards of Domaine du Castel, one of Israel’s finest small wineries were damaged. The winery lost the equivalent of 20 tons of valuable wine grapes, some of them Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay.

In August fire struck again this time threatening the Ben-Zaken family home at Ramat Raziel. The Ben-Zaken’s are owners of Domaine du Castel and Raziel Winery. The fire passed extremely close, there was some damage to property on the Moshav and a small winery not far away called Metzuda was destroyed.

By a miracle the damage was not worse and there was no loss of life, but it brings into perspective that the wine industry is not immune from the turbulence caused by climate change and care of the environment. Wine-Israel sends their condolences to the owners of Castel & Metzuda Wineries.


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