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Dr. Yair Margalit is the recipient of the Annual Terravino Lifetime Award 2021, following distinguished previous winners such as Eli Ben-Zaken, Mimi Ben-Yosef and Uri Shaked.

He is most well-known as the founder, owner and winemaker of Margalit Winery. This was founded in 1989 and was Israel’s first quality boutique winery and arguably Israel’s first cult wine. The wines for which they are most associated with are a Bordeaux style blend called Enigma, a rare special reserve blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah and a varietal Cabernet Franc. The current winemaker is his son, Assaf Margalit.

He is also known as an educator. For many years he has held wine courses, particularly at the Technion. He was also the professional manager of the Cellar Master Course at Tel Hai College. Many wine lovers, wine professionals and winemakers learnt in one of his courses.

His books on small winery winemaking, wine technology and wine chemistry are classics and eagerly sought by winemakers.

He was also a significant figure at the start of the boutique winery boom being a winemaking consultant to other small wineries.

Dr Yair Margalit, winemaker, educator, author and consultant, is a very appropriate choice to receive the Terravino Lifetime Award 2021.

Photo: Israel Preker


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