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Two new gifts for wine lovers. Both are in Hebrew, but will also appeal to English speakers with basic Hebrew.

Firstly, the ‘Sefer Ha’Yayain Ha’Katan’, the small wine book. This is written by Tal Tsurya. It is a pocket size, soft cover book, for those curious about wine, wanting to understand the basics, without investing a great deal of time. It is a book of a mere 55 pages. The text is concise and it is an excellent introduction to a very complicated world. Whoever has it will have important beginner’s knowledge at their fingertips. It is a great idea and its very simplicity makes it useful.

Tal Tsruya has a background in restaurants and wine. She is a student of the WSET Course run by Gal Zohar’s W-Wine & Spirit School in Tel Aviv. Her objective is to help people become more comfortable with wine. Her book is a welcome addition to the options available for those wishing to learn about wine. It certainly fills a gap.
The book costs NIS 87 (collection only).
Order via this link:
or by email: [email protected]

The secod original gift is a Wine Seasons Calendar 2022-2023 designed and written by Yael Noach. This is beautifully colorful, fresh and attractive. It comes either in a stand up desk calendar version, or in a traditional wall hanging version. On one side is a calendar and the reverse side is full of interesting and valuable wine information displayed in a lively, bright, artistic way.

Yael Noach is a designer who is also a student of WSET, via the W-Wine and Spirit School in Tel Aviv and she has worked at the Soreq Winery Winemaking School.  The calendar, which combines her worlds of design and wine, is visually beautiful but also very informative.
The calendar costs NIS 90.
Order from:
or email: [email protected]

Two creative new expressions by two people with a great deal to offer the Israel world of wine.

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