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A new book has been published on the Israeli wine story. This is focussed on one particular winery. It is called “Domaine du Castel: The Biography” and it is written by winery insider turned wine writer, Adam S. Montefiore.

The book tells the story of Eli Ben-Zaken, the founder-owner-winemaker of the Castel Winery, who over thirty years built an Israeli icon.
Domaine du Castel was founded in 1992 and today is arguably one of Israel’s very finest wineries. Eli Ben-Zaken was born in Egypt, lived in Milan, went to school in England, and to university in Switzerland, before moving to Israel. After many false starts and financial problems, he founded the winery and with the help of his family succeeded to win the admiration of the world of wine for his achievements. The book is an Israeli success story, which will make good reading even for those not working in wine.

The book is published by Castel and presently, is available from the winery.

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