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Vered Ben Saadon, owner of Tura Winery, has been chosen to light a torch on Israel’s 75th Independence Day. She said “It is a great privilege for me to light a torch on Independence Day in honor of the residents of Samaria and in honor of the Israeli wine industry.” She went on: “As the granddaughter of a holocaust survivor grandmother, I am excited for the great privilege of raising a torch on the 75th Independence Day of the State of Israel. As an immigrant, who immigrated to Israel and chose to settle in the land of our ancestors in the Rachelim settlement in Samaria, it is a great privilege to put Samaria on the map and represent Israel’s farmers, especially the Israeli wine industry.  My husband, Erez and I have been making wine for many years with love and great pride.”

Tura Winery is a small family estate winery located in the village of Rehelim in the hills of Samaria. It was established in 2003 by Erez and Vered Ben Saidon. Tura Mountain Peak is their flagship wine.

Photo: Alon Masika

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