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Carmel Corp the parent company of Israel’s most famous winery, is building a beer portfolio with some well-known brands. They have an agreement with AB InBev, the largest beer company in the world, to represent four of their most important globally sold beers. These are Corona from Mexico, along with Hoegarden, Leffe and Stella Artois from Belgium. To these they add Miller from America, Staropramen from the Czech Republic and Krombacher from Germany. They also represent the Israeli breweries Alexander and Jems. This is a challenge to the two largest breweries in Israel: Tempo of Netanya, who produce Goldstar and Heineken, and Carlsberg Israel / IBBL of Askelon, who produce Carlsberg and Tuborg. Tempo Beverages and the Central Bottling Company (CBC), aka Coca Cola Israel, are the two largest total beverage companies in Israel.

Carmel Winery is Israel’s largest wine company. Their main wine brands in the mass market and supermarkets are Buzz, Selected, Private Collection and Tirosh Grape Juice. In the quality wine shop and restaurant market their main brands are Carmel Signature, the wholly owned subsidiary Yatir Winery, and alongside these, they also distribute the wines of Vitkin Winery. Carmel Winery is the historic winery of Israel, founded in 1882 by Baron Edmond de Rothschild. In 1906 the cooperative SCV des Grandes Caves was formed. In 2013 the winery was purchased by Kedma Capital and in 2022 Carmel Corp was formed and the company went public. Their main wineries are Alon Tabor in the Jezreel Valley, and Zichron Ya’acov Cellars, itself established in 1892, in the northern Coastal Plain. Yatir Winery is situated at Tel Arad.

Carmel Corp has a 30% share in Yafora Tabori, Israel’s second largest soft drinks company who market Schweppes, RC Cola, Tapuzina and Ein Gedi Mineral Water. Carmel is weaker in the spirits sector. Here they sell Carmel Arak and Carmel Brandies. CBC represent Diageo and Tempo Beverages Pernod Ricard, the two largest spirit companies in the world. However, no doubt Carmel has entered the beer market with a very impressive portfolio.


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