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To Jewish communities worldwide and supporters of Israel; to importers of Israeli wine everywhere. What can you do to help?  The answer is very simple. Put a bottle of Israeli wine on your table.

No-one is drinking wine in Israel. It is the opposite situation to Covid. Wineries are operating under emergency conditions. Visitors centers are closed. Restaurants are cooking food for Israelis expelled from their homes in the south and evacuated from the north. Everyone has rallied together to collect food and supplies for their grown up children, who have been called up for the war that Hamas wanted. Winery employees and growers have been called up for reserve duty. A major economic crisis is looming.
Help our growers and winemakers. Nature does not wait for politics or war. Wineries by hook and by crook are managing to finish the harvest of red wine grapes. The cycle of the vineyard continues as the grape begins its annual journey on the way to becoming wine.

There are many Israelis who support rights of the Palestinians. Many of those slaughtered and kidnapped even assisted Palestinians with individual acts of kindness over a lifetime.  But Hamas has succeeded to do something brilliantly. Unite all Israelis. We can’t live here with the threat of ISIS on our borders. We are fighting for our lives.

I know I live in a wine bubble. I apologize in advance for this focus. But wine better than anything represents the “People and Place” (Israelis and the Land of Israel.) In Israel we are supporting each other with a spirit which will disappoint our enemies. As for our supporters abroad, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY BLUE AND WHITE.

Adam Montefiore

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