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The TERRAVINO wine competition has been held in Israel since 2006 and it is Israel’s main international competition. Wines and spirits from Israel compete with wines from around the world.

The blind tastings are held at Ish Anavim in Jaffa. Amongst the entrants will be wineries from the north of the country and Negev. Both regions have been particularly affected by the current security issues and attacks by Hamas and Hezbollah. The competition opens on 21.1.24. The judges include wine critics, winemakers, sommeliers and guests from abroad. The gala ceremony and presentation will be held on January 25th 2024. There will be a welcome at 19.00, followed by a presentation to the gold medal winners at 20.00. At approximately 21.30 the annual Terravino Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded to the person who has made a special contribution to the industry.
Past winners have included Charles Loinger, Professor Amos Hadas, Michael Ben-Joseph, Carmi Lebenstein, Eli Ben-Zaken, Uri Shaked, Dr. Yair Margalit and last year’s winner was Yonatan Tishbi.

Terravino operates strictly according to the standards of OIV.

Ish Anavim (The Grape Man) is an independent company owned by Haim Gan which has always contributed to the Israel wine industry through events, courses, exhibitions, workshops and tours. It has done a great deal to advance wine culture in Israel over the last decades.

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