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The Combat Antisemitism Movement organized a wine tasting in cooperation with the Association of Chambers of Commerce in Israel, to launch its wine diplomacy department. The event was to support and celebrate Israeli wineries in a time of war.  It took place at the Dubnov Gallery in Tel Aviv. Ambassadors, diplomats, businessmen and wineries took part. Senior restaurateurs, winery owners and wine professionals were also present. The famous Israeli chef chef Assaf Granit also joined the project as a partner.

The evening was introduced by Shira Granot who with Ilanit Tzemach will be taking responsibility for wine diplomacy and the ‘Israel Wine Collection’ within the Combat Antisemitism Movement. Sacha Roytman Dratwa the CEO of the Combat Antisemitism Movement also spoke. They deserve credit for bringing wine diplomacy to the fore in a time of war.

 Photo – David Silverman

Other speakers included winemaker Dror Engelstein of UnderDog Winery and Raz Pauker of Nir Oz Winery. Englestein volunteered for Reserve Duty on the 7th October. He has a garagiste winery. He had to leave his fermenting wine to serve his country. In a tiny winery that meant everything had to stop. Production, care of the vineyards and sales. Before and after his service, he found time to advise Tom Carbone of Be’eri Winery to help with the production of his wine. Raz Pauker and Shibi Drori also spoke. Winemaker Gideon Pauker z”l was brutally murdered on October 7th. His son Raz Pauker with the help of Haim Gan (Ish Anavim), Shibi Drori (Gvaot Winery) and Meiram Harel (Amphorae winery) saved the wine of Nir Oz Winery. Nir Oz and Be’eri received the brunt of the Hamas attack.

Diplomats were able to taste wines from wineries such as Abaya, Agur, Amphorae, Netofa, Razi’el, Pelter, Pinto, Recanati, Tulip, UnderDog and Vitkin, amongst others.

Sacha Roytman Dratwa, CEO of the Movement to Combat Anti-Semitism said: “The Israeli wine industry, like all of Israel and along with the Jews in the Diaspora, are facing anti-Semitism that is reaching its peak. We decided to launch a dedicated department for wine diplomacy. This will help restore the wineries that were damaged in the south and north of the country. It will help in leveraging the Israeli wine industry. Israeli wine will be a successful ambassador of Israel overseas”.


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