Carmel Selected and Young Selected – Tasting Notes (K)

By: Daniel Rogov

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Carmel’s revolution began at the top ? that is to say, with their Limited Edition and then their Single Vineyard wines, those followed in quality by the wines in the Appellation series. More recently the wines in the Private Collection series took a quantum leap forward and now, under the guidance of senior winemaker Lior Laxer, the Selected wines join the revolution as well. Not great wines, but not intended to be great, but now at a level of good to very good and well worth considering for many as everyday wines at quite reasonable prices. And, with a nod of appreciation, no longer mevushal!

As to prices: Selected Reds NIS 32-35; Selected Whites NIS 27-30; Young Selected 15-27. Still to be tasted the sparkling white in the Selected series.

My thanks to Adam Montifiore and to the winery for arranging bottles for tasting in my own tasting room today, those matched against similarly priced varietals and blends from Israel and California.



Carmel, Cabernet Sauvignon- Merlot, Selected, 2009: Dark ruby towards garnet, medium- to full-bodied, with soft tannins and notes of spicy cedar wood integrating nicely to show appealing currant, blackberry and blueberry fruits, those coming together in a generous and mouth-filling whole. Drink now-2011. Score 86. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Cabernet Sauvignon-Shiraz, Selected, 2009: Medium-deep garnet in color, medium-bodied with gently mouth-coating tannins and an generous array of plum, wild berry and cassis notes, those on a background that hints of black licorice. Drink now-2011. Score 86. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Merlot, Selected, 2009: Ruby towards garnet, medium-bodied, with soft tannins and appealing red fruits. Nothing complex here but an easy to drink quaffer. Drink now-2011. Score 85. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Selected, 2009: Garnet towards royal purple, medium-bodied, with gently gripping tannins and a note of spicy wood parting to reveal wild berry and black cherry fruits, those on a lightly spicy background. Drink now-2011. Score 85. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Sauvignon Blanc, Selected, 2009: Damp straw in color, light- to medium-bodied, falls somehow flat, its fruits muted and without enough acidity to keep it lively. Drink up. Score 80. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Selected, Muscato, 2009: Off-dry, light and fizzy, with lemon and lime, grapefruit and tropical fruits, a fun wine for breakfast or picnics. The young will adore this one. Drink well chilled and drink now. Score 84. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Young Selected

Carmel, Moscato, Young Selected, 2009: A near twin to the wine in the Selected series (see the review above). Fun and frivolous. Drink well chilled and drink now. Score 84. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

Carmel, Carignano, Young Selected, 2009: Bright purple in color, light in both body and alcohol, with no noticeable tannins at all and an appealing frizzante note. Off-dry but clean and crisp with plenty of balancing acidity. A fun party wine, especially for the young and young at heart. Drink now. Score 84. K (Tasted 14 Apr 2010)

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