Carmel 120 Brandy (K)

By: Daniel Rogov

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?By: Daniel Rogov

As is fairly well known, although I am a devotee of Armagnac, I have a fair amount of space set aside in my heart, nose, palate and liver for Cognac and indeed can find great pleasure in the better brandies of Spain. I have also shown a fondness for the excellent Israeli brandy of Tishbi. I must say though that the newly released Carmel 120 brandy raises Israeli brandies to a new level, one frankly that I had not thought possible in the past. Let’s let my tasting note speak for itself?


Carmel, 120 Brandy: Released as part of the celebration of Carmel’s 120th harvest, this limited edition brandy (only 2,000 bottles were made) reflects a blend of 93% French Colombard and 7% Muscat Aexandroni grapes. Double distilled in traditional pot stills, the youngest elements of the blend were aged for 10 years in French oak barrels used earlier for the development of Chardonnay wines and the more mature elements, those ranging from 15-27 years in age were developed in Limousine oak. Medium-dark mahogany with a clear amber overlay, the brandy shows a complex bouquet of oak, and Sherry and opens to reveal aromas and flavors of citrus, Bosc pears, apricots, spiced nuts and caramel, those complemented very nicely from mid-palate on by notes of cinnamon, vanilla and apricots and, on the superbly long finish notes of lightly caramelized demarara sugar. Round and rich in tannins the brandy shows fine balance and a superbly long finish on which citrus peel notes rise very nicely. Indeed, elegance on the grand scale. The brandy, released in a limited edition of 2000 bottles is being offered at NIS 550 (about US$ 145). I do not usually give scores to the brandies that I taste but if pushed to the proverbial wall, this one would comfortably earn 95 points. K

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