Winemaker: Elad Movshoviz
Address: Sussya in the southern Judean Hills
Email: drimia.winery@gmail.co.il
Phone: Elad 055-8824369
Website: http://www.drimia-winery.com/page.asp?pageID=14
Kosher: Yes
In 2007, Elad Movshoviz established Shokek Winery in Sussya in the southern Judean Hills
here it faces the desert and is situated 882 meters above sea level. In 2016 he change the name of the winery to Drimia Winery. 
Elad acquired his wine making experience over several years while working at Yatir Winery.
Drimia wine is produced from grapes grown in small and carefully nurtured plots of land. At Drimia winery, we only use environmentally friendly ingredients to produce this quality wine.
. These wines are produced from four grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz and Petit Verdot. Our winery produces 12000 bottles a year.
Drimia Winery is open to visitors. We hold wine tastings in the store and you may purchase the House Wine as well as other Boutique products including chocolate, honey, olive oil and
cheese.  Advanced booking is required

All Drimia  Winery products are kosher under the supervision of Harav Altshuler of Sussya and Badatz Beit Joseph 

contact us  :
Elad 055-8824369
Naava 054-2271153